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Elegant Sunflower Citrus Candle Set Perfect Mother's Day Gift

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Size: 7 OZ

The bottom of the cup is 7cm in diameter and 9cm in height.

Scented candle is made of clear glass, built-in soy wax, and has an aluminum lid.

When lit, it exudes a subtle scent of lavender and lemon to create a romantic atmosphere while calming the mind and helping you fall asleep at night.

A small scented candle can go a long way in boosting happiness and is an unmissable home treat.

Parts structure: Built-in candle, aluminum lid.

Printed and shipped out from our USA-based factory and can be sent to the United States only.

Material: Glass & aluminum cap & soy wax

Print sticker custom.

3 reviews for Elegant Sunflower Citrus Candle Set Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

  1. This product has exceeded my expectations, thank you for offering it.


    May 31, 2023
  2. The color options for this product are great.

    Will In Nashville

    June 1, 2023
  3. The goods arrived very quickly, the quality is also good, good shop, recommended.

    Ruby Blue

    June 6, 2023