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| Inn Diary Large 17' Pop Up Mesh Food Cover Tent for Outside Picnics Camping BBQ Umbrella Screen Tents Reusable and Collapsible Keeping Flies Off Dishes Fruits Vegetables Dinnerware & Ser

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Introducing our new Pop-Up Mesh Food Tents, the ultimate solution for outdoor and indoor dining experiences! These tents are 17'x 17' and can cover items up to 8' tall, providing ample space to cover up to 4 dishes. The high-quality combination of stainless steel and nylon ensures easy and frequent use, while the lace design at the bottom effectively blocks harassers. Reusable and collapsible, these tents are easy to carry about and use anytime, anywhere.

With a set of 6 tents, the Pop-Up Mesh Food Tents are perfect for family gatherings, BBQs, parties, camping, picnics, patio dining, family cookouts, taco bars, tailgating, and much more! They are universal for both indoor and outdoor use, making them the perfect addition to your food protection arsenal. Keep your food and fruits free from pesky insects with ease.

But that's not all - these tents aren't just for food. You can also use them as plant protectors, helping to safeguard your plants as they grow. The Pop-Up Mesh Food Tents are designed to cover seedlings, providing an extra layer of protection from the elements and anything that might try to harm your plants.

Upgrade your outdoor and indoor dining experience with the Pop-Up Mesh Food Tents - stylish, functional, and versatile, they are the perfect addition to any gathering or occasion.


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