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Extra Large Grey Beach Blanket Sandproof and Waterproof 10' X 9' Perfect for 5-10 Adults

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【Portable and Practical】

Our waterproof beach blanket is designed to be portable and practical. It is a versatile accessory that offers various uses for outdoor activities. Whether you need an emergency mat, a picnic blanket target, or a waterproof barrier, our blanket has got you covered. Its compact size allows for easy folding and storage in a backpack, making it highly convenient for travel or camping.

【Durable and Breathable】

Crafted with durability in mind, our beach blanket is made to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. It is constructed using high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear. The blanket's breathable fabric ensures optimal comfort even on hot summer days, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time outdoors without feeling overheated.

【Easy to Clean】

Keeping the ZonLi beach blanket clean is a breeze. It can be easily washed by hand or machine, saving you time and effort. Thanks to its unique dyeing process, the blanket retains its vibrant colors even after multiple washes, maintaining a fresh and new look for repeated use.

【Double Windproof Design】

Designed to stay securely in place, our sandproof beach blanket features a double windproof design. It comes with four ground stakes and six built-in zipper sandbags that provide extra stability and prevent the blanket from being blown away by strong winds. This ensures that you can relax and enjoy your time at the beach without constantly readjusting or chasing after your blanket.

3 reviews for Extra Large Grey Beach Blanket Sandproof and Waterproof 10′ X 9′ Perfect for 5-10 Adults

  1. Thank you for offering such an excellent product, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

    Melissa Holliday

    May 29, 2023
  2. This product is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain guests - it's a real crowd-pleaser.


    May 30, 2023
  3. The packaging of the products is always secure and professional with this merchant.


    June 1, 2023